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Vintage Toys

Saint Cloth Series

    Bronze Cloth

     The initial boxes for the first 5 Bronze toys had transparent windows for you see the toy. Later they were
     changed to just a box.

        Pegasus Seiya:  Dragon Shiryu: Cygnus Hyoga:
        Andromeda Shun:  Phoenix Ikki:    New Pegasus Seiya: 

        New Dragon Shiryu:  New Cygnus Hyoga: 

        New Andromeda Shun:   New Phoenix Ikki: 

    Silver Cloth

        Eagle Marin: 

    Steel Cloth

        Sky Tucana Shou:   Land Fox Daichi:   Marine Swordfish Ushio: 

    Gold Cloth

        Aries Mu:   Taurus Aldebearn:  Gemini Saint: 

        Cancer Death Mask:  Leo Aiolia:  Virgo Shaka: 

        Libra Dohko:  Scorpion Milo:  Sagittarius Aiolos: 

        Capricorn Shura:  Aquarius Camus:  Pisces Aphrodite: 

    God Robe

        Alpha Dubhe Siegfried:  Beta Merak Hagen:  Gamma Phecda Thor: 

        Delta Megrez Alberich:  Epsilon Alioth Fenrir:  Zeta Mizar Syd: 

        Eta Benetnash Meeme: 


        Sea Horse Baian:  Scylla Io:  Chrysor Krisna: 

        Lymndes Kaza:  Kraken Isaac:  Siren Sorrento: 

        Sea Dragon Kanon:  Poseidon Julian:   Mermaid Tethys: 

    Limited Edition


            Black Pegasus:  Black Dragon:  Black Swan: 

            Black Andromeda:   Black Phoenix: 

        God Robe

            Zeta Alcor Bud: 

    Campaign Items

            Gold Cloth: 
            Cloth Box: 


            Odin Robe, it comes with the Robe only, in this pic they got Seiya's head with Ikki's body: 

        New Black Cloth

                New Black Pegasus:   New Black Dragon: 

                New Black Cygnus:  New Black Andomeda:  New Black Phoenix: 

    Memorial Version

            Gold Pegasus Seiya:  Gold Dragon Shiryu:   Gold Cygnus Hyoga: 

            Gold Andromeda Shun:  Gold Phoenix Ikki: 


          You can put many characters inside the backs of the Colosseum: 


            Black Steel Cloth: 

    Design Only

            Pegasus God Cloth: 

            Dragon God Cloth: 

Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken

    This toy just make sounds: 

Laser Ryu Sei Ken

    This toy is for 2 people. It is a laser tag game: 

Candy Toys

    Metal Toy

     Sagitta, Orion, Lyra, Eris, Scutum, Southern Cross: 

     Meeme, Fenrir, Hagen, Syd, Bud: 

     Colored: Roshi, Ohko; Not Colored: Reda, Spica 

     Top: Frey, Freya, Hilda; Bottom: Dolbar, Loki, Migard 

    June, Saori, Shunrei: 

    Top: Siegred, Thor; Bottom: Fleur, Aberich 

    Top: Gigas, Paeton, Agora; Bottom: Fiery Saint, Spartan, Geist 

    Top: Uru, Rungu; Bottom: Shiva, Albiore 

    Top: Ares, Crystal Saint, Docrates; Bottom: Land Cloth, Marine Cloth, Sky Cloth 

   Transparent Cloth
    This is the transparent cloth pieces you put on your Saint Cloth Series Figure: 

Heavy Metal Saint Cloth

    There were fakes made of Gold Saints and God Warriors.

    Pegasus Seiya:  Dragon Shiryu: Cygnus Hyoga:

Saint Paraise

    The fakes are really good, too with slightly different colors. 


    Don't let the word Capsule fool you. These toys can be as big as 3 inches.

    Pegasus Seiya: 

    10 Bronze, Marin, Cassios:  Cassios, Saori, Kiki: 

    Silver Saints, Ares, Steel Saints, Roshi:  Reda, Spica, Shunrei, Gigas: 

Close Up Saint

    These toys are still sold in some HK shops at high prices: 

Cloth Box Toy

    There many different kinds. The ones I own are a little different than the pic: 

    Aries Box with Aries Mu in Gold and Bronze color: 

    Sagittarius Box, Cancer Death Mask, Capricorn Box: 

    New Cygnus and Pegasus Box. Look carefully the Cygnus is different the usual way the Anime staff draw New Cygnus

Saint Paradise Mini Toy

    Aries Cloth and Mu: 

    Andromeda Cloth and Shun: 

Plastic Model

    Twin Cloth

        Bronze and Black

        Pegasus Seiya:  Dragon Shiryu:  Cygnus Hyoga: 

        Andromeda Shun:   Phoenix Ikki: 

        Bronze and Gold

        I own only Andromeda Shun: 

    New Cloth

    Gold Cloth

    This models come all Gold, the orange is painted. I would perfer not to paint it. It's already beautiful!

        Aries Mu: Taurus Aldebearn: 

        Gemini Saint and Pope:   Cancer Death Mask: 

        Leo Aiolia:   Virgo Shaka: 
Libra Dohko:  Scorpion Milo:  Sagittarius Aiolos: 
Capricorn Shura:  Aquarius Camus: Pisces Aphrodite: 

    Full Action

    Left: Pegasus Seiya Gold Version; Right Pegasus Seiya, Gemini and Pope 

    Sagittarius Aiolos: 

    Saggittarius Aiolos DX, this is the best toy I have ever seen. 1/8 size Sagittarius Aiolos. If they made all 12 Gold Saints, I
    would have brought every single one: 

Kaiyoudou Model

    Cloth Series

    There are alternate styles of Cloths

     Aries Cloth, my uncle built it and painted it for me!! He even made an original stand!! 

    Cancer Cloth: 

    Scorpion Cloth: 

    Hades Chapter:

    Milo, Shura, Camus, Saga and Dagger, Shaka and Beads, Saori: 

    Camus, Saori: 

    Shaka and Beads, Saga and Dagger: 

    Hyoga in Hades Chapter Bronze: 





SD Model

    Bronze Saints, Gold Saints, Saori, Kiki, Pandora, Sion and Gold Saint in Surplice:

Other Model

    Pegasus Seiya: 

    Syd, Siegfried, Hagen: 


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